“Wormholes” are very interesting to the metacreator and metaforming architect; there are many that one can study.

A wormhole as it relates to the metabusiness / metacommunity can be simply understood as a collection of independent / inter-dependent metaverse instances, oftentimes called a “directory” or “nodelist” if we want to be precise.

An independent <sysop> (or a “collective”) might decide to organize and/or curate a number of associated instances or create a custom federation under a brand(s), faction(s), areas / communities of interest & practice, “themes,” creative aesthetics and/or even bespoke governance system(s).

There are no rules save one: 3 or more instances equal a “Directory” or “Nodelist” but nothing less.

Although no one knows for certain where each wormhole leads (or what resides in each one respective adventure and experience) we know what they look like: Nodelists / Directories often use mixed-media with outbound links to distinct instances or portals.

The culture of each is defined by the founding metacreators; it’s their federation so they get to determine the “game within the game.”

Experienced <sysops> know that establishing things like a “code of conduct” (example here) and other useful cultural utilities can prove useful for sustainable (and accelerated) growth! But that is not a requirement; it’s your world, own it. Please play responsibly!

Curated List of Directories:

We’re starting to curate a list of early portals to select Directories / Wormholes / Nodelists — feel free to ping <sysop> JOHN METACREATOR in #mainchat!