A Better Way to do Crypto

We're co-building a Meta-Exchange ('MEX') which combines the power and features of a social network with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why We Exist

We believe that decentralized protocols are technological and social innovations and that our collective future is decentralized. Consequently, our mission is to accelerate the growth and adoption of decentralized systems through community-powered tools like YEN.

Current Status

We are currently in closed beta (by invitation only - get on the list below!) and plan to open to the public in 2019. Feel free to read more about where we've been and where we're going via our public changelog.

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Project Details

Buy & Sell: Buy cryptocurrency in 3 clicks or less - it's the easiest and quickest way to transact

Exchange: Connect to your favorite exchanges in one location - never switch tabs again

Connect: Follow friends, influencers & projects you believe in - private groups, messaging, and more coming soon

Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest news from sources that you trust (coming soon)

P2P Wallets: Instantly send value cross-border to anyone in the world (coming soon)

Portfolio Management: Review your coin and token investments in a single dashboard (coming soon)

Product Roadmap: Review our public changelog for more details on what we're building


YEN is San Francisco-based, venture-backed company, fueled by caffeine, curiosity, and code.

Want to see the 1st version? A little bit of history...


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