We are currently in closed beta:

So far, creators have used YEN for:

  1. Public, private, and paid communities
  2. Education & cohort-based classes
  3. Events, conferences, & pop-up experiences
  4. Early user & product feedback / validation
  5. Troubleshooting & customer support
  6. Team communication (e.g. Slack)
  7. Clubs, mastermind groups, and non-profits
  8. Casual music / audio listening rooms
  9. Behind-the-scenes, tiered / early-access
  10. Family & personal social network(s)
  11. Corporate intranet
  12. Coaching, mentorship, accountability group
  13. Peer support, advocacy
  14. Consulting services, tipping
  15. And more…!

YEN is flexible enough for all of these and more, whenever and wherever you need it, globally-accessible with zero downloads and nothing for you or your members to install — it’s a bit magical.

Make more money doing what you love with more people who love what you do. Stay updated on progress / early-access via YEN.FM.

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