The metaverse won’t build itself — we need true believers.

The ultimate incarnation will take many, many, many years — we’re down for that ride, however long it takes.

Our first contribution is our metaplatform, a universally-accessible communication device that you can put anywhere and everywhere you want and need to be. It’s our gift to the metaverse — a labor of absolute gut-wrenching love.

Metacreators can now launch, manage, grow, and monetize a community platform right on their own website; all you need is an email address — metaform as many as you’d like.

🦄 — You and all your pseudonymous / anonymous avatars!

Creators love using our bespoke platform for public, private, and paid communities, education & cohort-based experiences, and even one-off, time-bound events (among other things).

🏎 — It’s simply the fastest way to start a community on the internet! And we’ve launched BETA on Product Hunt!

You know what to do!

🧰 — So far, creators have used YEN for:

  1. Public, private, and paid communities
  2. Education & cohort-based classes
  3. Events, conferences, & pop-up experiences
  4. Early user & product feedback / validation
  5. Troubleshooting & customer support
  6. Team communication (e.g. Slack)
  7. Clubs, mastermind groups, and non-profits
  8. Casual music / audio listening rooms
  9. Behind-the-scenes, tiered / early-access
  10. Family & personal social network(s)
  11. Corporate intranet
  12. Coaching, mentorship, accountability group
  13. Peer support, advocacy
  14. Consulting services, tipping
  15. And more…!

✨ — Our metaplatform is only limited by your creativity and imagination! With zero downloads and nothing for you or your members to install, it’s honestly a bit magical.

💹 — Make more money doing what you love with more people who love what you do — that’s YEN.

Learn about our community here! And we’ll see you soon.

Bye bye #evilcorp.


In the METAVERSE we don’t have to trade privacy or security for things like speed, power, and convenience; honestly, we’ve just figured out how to do it better than most:

Sorry not sorry?


In our universe you just need an email address to access an unlimited number of fantastic worlds, hosted by wonderful and creative humans — sysops — who metaform their spaces (“YENIVERSE“) with all the care they would their own home.

🌏 — Truth be told, it is, for many of us, our primary residence on this great, big, blue and green planet of ours.

With those important sentiments in mind it now stands to reason that the only type of device that we could build that would be worthy of the metaverse would be one that had to be as-secure and protected as you’d make your own home. It must be infinitely-scalable and be trusted to handle even the most-private of communique; a tool that we could fundamentally trust — and verify — that the protocol provider isn’t lying and stealing from us (e.g. Evil Corp).

That’s why we’d love for you to do just that. It’s called “Proof of Work” — now, verify. You see, we don’t log or track anything. You can “view Source” at any time and check for yourself; we don’t care about “pageviews” or “MAU / DAU” vanity-metrics; they are flaccid as they are boring — entirely irrelevant in the glorious and free metaverse.

💹 — They know their business model is doomed; the metaverse guarantees it. Let’s enhance!

You see, it is for freedom that the metaverse was created; we must take what we’ve learned, correcting the past when we must, and innovate on top of the many systems that had their time in the sun.

NASA said that you could only choose 2 of these: speed, cost, quality, but in the metaverse we’re doing all of 3 of them already; what gives?

Welcome to the future.