The metaverse won’t build itself β€” we need true believers.

The ultimate incarnation will take many, many, many years β€” we’re down for that ride, however long it takes.

Our first contribution is our metaplatform, a universally-accessible, infinitely-scalable, customizable #nocode communication platform. Yes, it’s pretty badass.

πŸ¦„ β€” Creators can now launch, manage, grow, and monetize a community platform right on their own website; all you need is an email address (and you can have as many as you want).

There are no passengers on spaceship metaverse. We are all crew.

John Metacreator

🏎 β€” Creators love using YEN for public, private, and paid communities, education & cohort-based experiences, and even one-off, time-bound events (among other things). It’s simply the fastest way to start, grow, and monetize a community on the internet, built specifically for Web 3-minded folks.

Some examples of what our artists have built:

  1. Public, private, and paid communities
  2. Education & cohort-based classes
  3. Events, conferences, & pop-up experiences
  4. Early user & product feedback / validation
  5. Troubleshooting & customer support
  6. Team communication (e.g. Slack)
  7. Clubs, mastermind groups, and non-profits
  8. Casual music / audio listening rooms
  9. Behind-the-scenes, tiered / early-access
  10. Family & personal social network(s)
  11. Corporate intranet
  12. Coaching, mentorship, accountability group
  13. Peer support, advocacy
  14. Consulting services, tipping
  15. And more…!

✨ β€” Our metaplatform is only limited by your creativity and imagination! With zero downloads and nothing for you or your community members to install, it’s honestly a bit magical.

πŸ’Ή β€” Make more money doing what you love with more people who love what you do β€” that’s YEN.

In the METAVERSE we do not trade privacy (zero tracking / logging!) or security for things like speed, power, and convenience; honestly, we’ve just figured out how to do it better than most. Censorship-resistant community is now possible.

Welcome to the future.