What is YEN.CAMP?

🛑 — TL;DR: YEN.CAMP is a self-paced, 5-day bootcamp on business & community building! It’s one of the many benefits of joining our builder community!

We take business and community-building very, very seriously! Join us!

Here it is in less than 60 Seconds:

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👋🏻 — A Quick Word from John:

Let's Learn How to Build Community, Together!

John is an entrepreneur, educator, and indie app creator who’s dedicated to helping other project-builders grow their communities and businesses.

Hi, I’m John Saddington and I’ve learned to love building communities.I say “learned” because I didn’t always consider myself a “community builder” — I’ve been very happy with titles like “software engineer” & “amateur filmmaker” (to name a few)!

But if you build ANYTHING online, whether it’s a software-based project or online education course, ebook, podcast, or (you fill in the blank)—you are IN the community-building business! It’s effectively the same thing.

In fact, after having built communities (and the software that powers them) for more than 10 years, I’ve learned one very important truth, especially when it comes to early-stage, internet-based projects: Build community BEFORE the product.

In other words, I strongly counsel folks that I coach and mentor to spend nearly all of their time building their community in the first season of their new project. Besides, how else would you know what you’re supposed to build if you don’t know anyone in the very community(ies) that you seek to serve?

The 5-Day Bootcamp is a self-paced course that gives you my literal playbook on how I build communities, from scratch, for small indie app projects to venture funded ones! The fundamental workflows, skills, and habits that I’ll share with you will ultimately last you a lifetime — I can’t wait to teach you everything I know!

I hope you join our private, business building community and experience our #yeniverse for yourself! Let’s make this year, 2020, a year of community.

— John Saddington // @yenFTW

Note: We no longer do the “cohort” model — it’s now on-demand & self-paced!

Who Should Take This Bootcamp?

That’s a great question! I designed this experience to specifically help “pre-community” projects—many of them will also be pre-revenue and even pre-product (but not always).

But the real question is this: Who should be building community? Here are a few types of folks that we’ve successfully helped in the past:

  • The Garage Hobbyist and Niche Enthusiast: The internet is a strange and wonderful place and it tends to reward people with even the most obscure interests. And, if you’ve ever wanted to make more like-minded friends or even earn a little income from your interest, this would be a good place to start.
  • The First-Time, Part-Time, and Future Entrepreneur: The shift has already happened: Successful companies build community before they build product. Besides, how would you know what to build if you weren’t actively engaged in the very community that you seek to serve? But learning to build community is harder than figuring out how to build product — let us level you up.
  • The 10x Builder (Technical & Non-Technical): You don’t have to be a software developer to build a successful business anymore! Access to powerful tooling has made each of us product gods. But only the community-builders will survive.
  • The Undervalued Employee: Few things sting more than being undervalued in your place of employment. If you’ve ever thought about escaping the “rat race” and doing something for yourself, then, you should learn to build community before you build that project and company! And now, powered by community, the market simply cannot undervalue you anymore.
  • The Deep Thinker and/or Academic: Community creates a space for your important ideas to reach an audience that desperately needs it. It will also sharpen your craft because all good ideas become great in the context of community. Building a community that pays for your experience and knowledge also reduces career and financial risk. Build something that may outlast even a tenured track.
  • The Talented Independent Artist: Humans love art, in every way, shape and form. And what they love even more is being part of the artist’s community (just ask any BTS fan). Community creates opportunity to create a even stronger relationship with the people who already respect you and who have been waiting to (financially) support you. Let’s get that going.
  • The Venture Capitalist and Investor: The game has changed.™️ You and I both know that. Access to money is already commoditized and your competitive advantage was easily copied. Community is not just the new moat — it is the moat. Your business was always about relationships — now it’s time to scale.

Great! Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

The daily schedule, if you choose to go through it in a single week!

A Few Logistics:

  1. The 5-day bootcamp is now entirely self-paced and on-demand! You can work through the content at your leisure, although we’ve seen more folks succeed in applying these new skills by working through the 5 days consecutively.
  2. The original cohort-style model required at least 2-3 hours a day! If you’re up for a business and community-building challenge, this is it!
  3. You’ll learn new skills that can transform into long-standing, repeatable habits! More importantly, you’ll be in community with other folks who have successfully completed the course and can provide support, feedback, and coaching when needed!
  4. Finally, we have Livestream Workshops on Tuesdays / Thursdays! This would be a good time share your learnings as well as connect with other #yenizens in the #yeniverse! You can check out the schedule here at any time to see what’s coming up!
Check out our entirely free weekly workshops!

For those that know our community (the #yeniverse) and our #yenizens, we live with an “open source” mindset, giving what we have and what we know to one another.

Make sure you’re “one of us” before thinking about joining us!

Start around minute 3:30 to jump to it!

Member Testimonials:

A few thoughts from friends, customers, graduates, and community members!

From Gordon, a recent graduate! Read it here.

I followed John first as a vlogger in 2016, because he was approachable, vulnerable, authentic. I invested in John’s community in 2017 because it created value, knowledge and empowerment.

Now, in 2020, to have the opportunity to have direct access to John! His experience, guidance, disciplined and diligent approach is helping me take ProductCoalition to the next level!

Jay Stansell, Founder of Product Coalition (a community over 1M+ Product Managers, Startup Founders, and Indie Project Creators)

Here are some folks in our community, graduates of the program, as well as coaching examples!

John is an extremely hardworking and intelligent guy who really cares — the amount of time he gives to people is incredible.

If you’re looking to build a community you won’t find a better value product then the YEN.COMMUNITY. I really enjoyed my conversations with John, the rest of the #yeniverse, and the atmosphere of consistent learning.

— Thomas F., via #yenCHARLIE

I have loved teaching, mentoring, and coaching the cohorts! Not enough? Here are even more thoughts from the community of folks:

Follow his work on Indie Hackers!

As someone who has always been more of a lurker and is only now dipping into entrepreneurship for myself, YEN.CAMP was amazing.

Watching folks in the previous cohorts growing their projects every day was a huge inspiration and I wanted that level of momentum for myself, my new project, and the community that I was building around it.

John himself is an amazing resource and wealth of information. I went into the week with some vague ideas (i.e. pre-product, pre-revenue) of what I was going to try and multiple different thought streams. Instead, when I graduated, I had a crystalized action plan and have already taken steps into building a community with a tangible plan around the product and growth!

Both the community feedback and mentoring from John were priceless. While I might have been able to do everything myself, having fellow #yenizens to support me has been an absolute force multiplier.

via Karn Sood, Graduate of #yenCHARLIE
Karn S. via #yenCHARLIE
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We hope to see you soon! Join us!